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DiamondScope DE JENZ was founded in 2020 as a full-scale collaboration between the two artists Vibeke Jensen and Santiago De Waele. The duo met in 2014 when Jensen was invited to make a public art project at Triennale Brugge 2015, for which De Waele was the technical director. DiamondScope, a 7 meters tall mirror sculpture with a secluded interior space facing the Belfry on the Bruges Market Square resulted. Later on they collaborated on the solo exhibition Earth Sharing at Kunsthall 3.14 in Bergen (2018).

To date, the projects NEW HORIZON (Alver, NO), AKWAGLOT (Singel Canal, Utrecht) and BELL-VIEW & BELLEN SPEL (Concertgebouw Brugge) are conceived by DE JENZ. TIME BREAKER is our current art project for Sandefjord high school, while AKWANAUTØYNA is our ongoing investigation into a watery non-binary world - flow with us...

Vibeke Jensen is a Norwegian born international artist based in New York for two decades before relocating to Europe where she has studios in Brugge, Berlin and on a remote island on
the west coast of Norway. Her particular interest in different points of view and positions of looking has funneled investigations into the practice of surveillance and control of public space, recognizing this as a central structural element of advanced urban cultures. Spyglass, mirrors, lenses, secretly recorded video and 'whatever it takes' are the ingredients she applies in constructing situations and sculptural interventions that provoke a rupture in daily life perception and facilitate the meeting of strangers.

Santiago De Waele is a Belgian artist with an invaluable experience planning and constructing art in public space as technical director and co-curator of the Brugge Triennale for contemporary art and architecture from 2014-2021, and for three iterations of the Beaufort triennial sculpture project along the Belgian coast. In his early carrier he designed and realized the subtropical swimming pool at Preston Palace, Almelo, NL; and converted a never used nuclear power plant into a theme park in Kalkar in Germany. After for decades having sourced his creativity and 'outside the box' thinking into realizing well known artists' work, De Waele stepped into his full potential as a practicing artist together with Vibeke Jensen in DE JENZ in 2020.