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DE JENZ:Bell-View & Bellen Spel on Concertgebouw roof terrace
DE JENZ:Bellen Spel with the Belfry in the background

Concertgebouw Circuit
Brugge (BE)
(l) 4.2 m, (w) 3.3 m, (h) 2.1 m
Fraké wood, 20 bronze bells

BELLEN SPEL is one of two new site-specific sculptural interventions that invite the public's curious and playful engagement on the roof terrace of the Bruges Concert Hall.

From 1969 to 2010 these 20 bronze carillon bells hung in the Bruges Belfry. They were then replaced by historically authentic bells and donated to the Concertgebouw.

Close to their former residence, the redundant bells can again dialogue with their companion carillons above the city roofs. The terrace becomes a stage where the muted voices of the bells can be re-activated by the public.