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DE JENZ:Bell-View model
Bell-View on Concertgebouw roof terrace
View of ship's bell above the Port of Zeebrugge

Concertgebouw Circuit
Brugge (BE)
(l) 1.7 m, (w) 1.0 m, (h) 1.0 m
Fraké wood, mirrors, brass bell

BELL-VIEW is a site-specific sculptural interventions inviting the public's curious and playful engagement on the roof terrace of the Bruges Concert Hall.

Thanks to its flourishing port, Bruges grew into a rich and cultured city in the late Middle Ages.
To emphasize the relationship to the port, Concertgebouw exchanged the largest of the bells from the BELLEN SPEL installation for a bell from the port's fireboats.

Through the BELL-VIEW periscope one gazes into a roof column to discover the fireboat bell above the view to the Port of Zeebrugge where the Bruges carillon bell will be ringing.